Inside Training

While I am writing this it is currently 8 degrees outside and while we would all like it to be 80 degrees and sunny so that we would all be able to get out and paddle, bike, run or do something else enjoyable outside, we find outside inside either enjoying the Holidays or working out in the basement as I do to try to keep in shape and try to keep my weigh down after over indulging on food over the past month. I try to work out in my basement at least 5 days a week for at least a half hour minimum, splitting my time up between my Schwinn Air dyne, Paddle One machine, Total Gym, Stationary bike and free weighs. In order to prevent boredom I usually watch my ceiling hung TV typically watching some up lifting old TV reruns of the Dukes of Hazzard, MacGyver or some movies such as Miracle, Blue Brothers, Animal House, etc. Although some up beat fats paced high energy music always goes well with any type or workout. I would like to get out and paddle or do some other type of outdoor activity or workout. I am waiting till it warms up a bit. I am planning a trip to Lake Placid next month to get out and do some cross country skiing, Ice skating on the Olympic Oval, Snow Shoeing and some downhill skiing. I do some mountain biking in the winter as some exercise and a way to get out and keep up on my biking skills. I do try and get out paddling when the weather gets a bit warmer say like 32 degrees or warmer. We have a couple of people here in Rochester that go out on Irondequoit Creek that usually stays open due to the moving current and thanks to Rochester paddler Marc Gillespie, whom approached a local horse farm and asked for permission to place a launch on their property and install a stone parking area for local paddlers to park and launch their boats any time of year. During the cold weather I always water my full body wetsuit for 2 reasons. The first One being and way to stay warm before I warm up enough paddling and the second being if I ever do fall in I do stand a chance of not getting hypothermia before I get back to my vehicle, which fortunately enough I have not have the chance to do lately. I did have the chance back several years ago while not wearing the proper clothing and we had to paddle a little over a mile to the vehicle to warm up. I do recommend going out with several different people in several different boats. The most important reason for this is just in case some unexpected does happen there are enough people to assist and the other reason is for comradery and it makes the time go so much faster and as we all now we tend to push ourselves a little more if there are other people involved in a work out. Even though I do not like wearing a life jacket one of the good things about wear it is it does keep you warm. Last winter a group of us went out and a local newsperson was driving by and saw us putting our boats in the water and stopped by to take some pictures of all of us, which he posted on his Facebook page. He was quite amused and got a kick out of us canoeing in the middle of Winter. There is quite a lot less congestion on the creek during the cooler weather and you are able to see things in a different way with the snow covering the ground all the way down to the edge of the water. Just remember to stay safe and warm while paddling and I am looking forward to next racing season, including attending the USCA Nationals here in New York State.


Kevin Berl     


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